Popcorn Franchises

Popcorn represents one of the best possible franchising opportunities where food is concerned. It’s a fan favorite with pretty much everyone. Think about it - who doesn’t love popcorn? 

People everywhere love popcorn, especially when they need a snack to accompany their favorite entertainment events. Whether you’re at a movie, a concert, a ballgame or a county fair, there’s no better go-with than a bag of popcorn.

All those bags add up - nearly a billion times over, as a matter of fact. According to Popcorn.org, Americans bought a total of 995,774,706 pounds of the snack food in 2012. That figure has been growing for decades and is likely to cross the 1 billion threshold soon.

Our country’s total popcorn consumption now totals about 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn per year - almost 13 gallons of it per man, woman and child. Everyone’s eating it. There’s no reason not to buy a franchise today and pop into the business.

Doc Popcorn is truly the first of its kind. From our delicious naturally flavored popcorn to our mode of distribution, we have created a unique and different way to snack.

Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

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