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Vending and Distribution

One of the most promising franchising opportunities in the food and drink world lies not in opening a restaurant, but in building a sustainable business through vending and distribution. Vending machines have been around for generations - and while they’ve been a mainstay for a long time, they’re also constantly evolving.

Numerous innovations are changing the game in the vending industry. One is the way payments are processed - vending machine franchisers are moving away from cash and coin-based transactions and instead offering more credit card and mobile device-powered payments. Another key change is in the types of products offered - while candy and chips will always be popular, there’s also a steady movement toward healthier options.

Getting into vending and distribution is a relatively easy, low-risk strategy for buying a franchise - you can start with just one or two machines and work your way up. This makes it easy to build a business empire, one dollar at a time.

The senior management team at Barmetrix has been described as "a gathering of some of the brightest minds in the business". A team brought together by a common desire to have a massive positive impact on our industry. Our programs, methodology and software have been created by hospitality managers for hospitality managers.

Liquid Capital Required: $90,000

You can do this! Everything from the jerky to the deep fried peanuts we sell, to the marketing of our products - has always been "keep it simple”. At the Beef Jerky Outlet we like to keep it straight forward with no gimmicks. We sell true ¼ lb, ½ lb, and 1 lb bags. Bottom line, we sell USDA Beef Jerky that can’t be bought at markets or convenience stores. All of our suppliers use whole muscle beef which is raised in the United States. You won’t believe how rare that is these days! Oh yeah, our high tech marketing approach? Come in, relax, and sample anything you like before you buy it.

Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

Bevintel is the #1 franchise specializing in bar profit management solutions for the food and beverage industry. For over 27 years, Bevintel franchisees have consulted with thousands of bar and restaurant owners and executives to create profitable business through technology, inventory control services, staff education, and business marketing solutions for independent and globally-recognized operations

Liquid Capital Required: $40,000

Candy Bouquet offers wide selection of our own high-quality signature candies and chocolates. We also offer sugar-free candy and chocolate options, and can usually cater to other dietary needs. Bouquets may vary depending on location, and some offer their own unique selections.

Liquid Capital Required: $40,000

The patented Grow Modular Vendor system offers a revolutionary breakthrough approach to vending. Service up to 10 times as many locations per day with a machine that costs less then half the price of conventional vending equipment and service costs!

Liquid Capital Required: $10,000

To sum it up: “All the Virtues; None of the Vices”. In other words, all the things you want in a healthy vending machine, and none of the things you don’t want. If you’re serious about making money, then you want a machine with exceptional looks, elegance and class. You want a machine that has the capability of accepting credit & debit cards.

Liquid Capital Required: $10,000

Be a chip off the old block with IceBorn, the new water and ice vending franchise from Ice House America!

Liquid Capital Required: $20,000

Lemon Heaven® concepts allow our customers’ senses to come alive with our delicious freshly squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, and snow cones made fresh before their eyes. Everything is produced within our award winning portable carts, kiosks, and trailers designed for high traffic locations such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, zoos, festivals, concerts, fairs, and sporting events. Our franchisees are operating 70 units in Canada and the USA.

Liquid Capital Required: $20,000

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