Mobile Food & Dessert Franchises

Mobile Food and Dessert

If you’re looking into the possibility of owning your own business in the foodservice industry, you no doubt have big profits on your mind, but you’re also aware of the risks. Investing a lot of money in real estate is a gamble with no guarantee of paying off. So why not instead opt for a restaurant that’s portable and can move freely from place to place?

This is a growing trend. Restaurants aren’t the only game in town - food carts and trucks are emerging as viable alternatives, and there’s plenty of data to prove that it’s a smart way to go. According to Emergent Research, the food truck industry alone will generate $2.7 billion in annual revenue by 2017, a fourfold increase from its peak of $650 million set in 2012.

Mobile food operations can offer a variety of products, ranging from conventional lunch items like tacos and sandwiches to desserts as well. The choice is yours.

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