A sharp renovation can boost your brand and your business

A new look for your franchise can also translate into new business.

The look of a restaurant's interior has a huge influence on how customers consume and internalize a brand. Cleanliness and comfortable lighting are especially key for restaurants, as customers strongly prefer to order meals from locations they trust to be safe and sanitary. That's why businesses in the foodservice industry can greatly benefit from an interior facelift. A simple remodel can go a long way toward helping a restaurant establish more foot traffic, improve trust with disgruntled customers and build a stronger relationship between franchisors and franchisees.

Enhance your brand
Interior renovations give franchise locations an opportunity to send a refreshing new message to customers as they pass through the front door. New company logos can be hung to draw attention to special menu items and keep the brand's image alive in the customer's mind. QSR Magazine reports that franchise locations can make the biggest impact by investing in a full-store renovation instead of light architectural upgrades. A visible interior upgrade is a simple yet effective strategy for re-energizing a customer's interest in the store and the company's brand.

Stay productive during construction
Franchise owners have a choice when it comes to keeping their stores open during a remodel or closing it down during the remodel. Both strategies, when properly implemented, can actually help to market your store and build your customer base. Leaving the store open allows customers to preview new services, watch the renovation process in stages and allows your daily revenue stream to continue unabated. Regular customers are likely to tell friends about renovations going on at a favorite lunch spot, and this free marketing will pay off once your remodeling is complete.

Owners who close their stores during construction are able to get through the process significantly faster. However, cutting off customer access to your store can threaten some repeat business. Franchise owners can minimize this issue by staying active in marketing the remodel process while the store is closed. Likewise, stores that are closed for repairs can still market to customers by offering re-opening coupons and posting renovation updates over social media, says Luxury Daily.

Reach out to franchisors
Plans for renovations also provide an opportunity to communicate and partner with your franchisor. Franchisors stand to make more money if  they continue to be successful, and you can leverage the success of your current store as proof of the franchisor's ROI. Working through the franchisor also guarantees that your store has access to the latest decorations and company logos. Brand consistency is important, and so open communication with franchisors should be a priority in your marketing efforts.

Franchisors are in complete control of renovations in many instances, so franchisees should get into the habit of contacting franchisors before starting renovations. Your success in managing and facilitating a store remodel may also make it easier to apply for additional franchise locations down the road. Franchisees are always in an optimal position when the franchisor can benefit from their successes.