Dickey’s BBQ enjoys widespread growth in the month of October

Dickey’s BBQ enjoys widespread growth in the month of October

Dickey's Barbecue Pit got its start in Dallas in 1941 with founder Travis Dickey. The Texas-style BBQ restaurant became a family business in 1967, inherited by his sons Roland and Travis Jr., who run the franchise to this day. Now the nation's leading BBQ franchise, Dickey's takes regional tastes nationwide with a menu featuring brisket, sausage and pulled pork. BBQ lovers in 40 states can now enjoy Dickey's mouthwatering dining experience. The brand prides itself on delivering a bit of hometown hospitality into every dining experience, and the restaurant still offers free meals for kids on Sundays. Dickey's growth surged in October as the franchise saw several units open in new and established markets.

Heading home to Albuquerque
After a hiatus, Dickey's once again opened its doors in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Oct. 23. The recent expansion is particularly relevant to Maurine Dickey, wife of Roland Dickey and a longtime resident of New Mexico. She grew up in Albuquerque and still owns a house there, splitting time between the New Mexico and Dickey's headquarters in Dallas. In a recent interview with Albuquerque Business First, Maurine remarked that she was excited to be bringing the taste of Texas-style BBQ back to her hometown. A longtime administrator and former chairwoman of the Parkland Memorial Hospital, she now serves as Dickey's vice president of community and legislative relations.

Maurine Dickey also noted that the franchise model is capable of thriving in struggling markets like Albuquerque. The support and resources provided by an engaged franchise can help businesses to avoid many of the pitfalls that trip up first-time entrepreneurs. Franchises that are fiercely protective of their brands often put extra care and energy into educating their franchisees from the get-go. Dickey's Barbecue Pit, for instance, requires investors to go through a three-week course. This head start works in favor of corporate interests - well-educated franchisees are a safer investment. The extra encouragement from corporate partners inspires can help to empower first-time franchise owners.

A second start with Dickey's
The Dickey's brand has provided multiple franchisees with the opportunity to try a second career and start a new chapter in their lives. The Baltimore Sun reports that new franchisee Mark Buzminsky spent several years working for the Harford County, Maryland public schools as a teacher and administrator.  Looking for a change, Buzminsky decided to start a new career as an entrepreneur by opening a Dickey's location in Abingdon, Virginia on Oct. 16. Buzminsky's store opened with a three-day event that included gift-card giveaways and the chance to win a year's worth of free food. The former educator, confident in Dickey's appeal, has already applied for a multi unit agreement.

Spreading the love
Dickey's Barbecue Pit has had plenty of success marketing its concept on the West Coast as well. In early October, the franchise opened up a store in West Sacramento, California, reported the Sacramento Business Journal. Like his fellow franchisees in other states, Jared Katzenbarger opened up his new store with a bevy of tasty giveaways and $2 BBQ sandwiches. Katzenbarger is no stranger to franchising or Dickey's Barbecue Pit, and he has recognized the brand's appeal by opening a total of five locations in California. Manteca, California saw the opening of its own Dickey's Barbecue Pit just a week later, according to the Manteca Bulletin. The new store brings up the total number in the area to 22. The chain will compete with a nearby rival fast-casual brand in Panera Bread and an Applebee's full-service restaurant.